seedbank story

We have been researching, breeding, observing and improving cannabis since July, 2018 – that’s when our head founder visited the Cannabis Cup event in Amsterdam for the first time. That was the moment of clarity: his long-ago desire to work with cannabis (a Ukrainian, he couldn’t do that legally in his country) became a firm decision.

By making acquaintances and studying the European breeding scene, the priorities of 4:20 Genetics were figured out. Since then, we have been importing the best strains bred by cannabis experts in Spain and the Netherlands. Generally speaking, we are a decentralized unity of numerous independent Dutch and Spanish breeders – but it’s more complicated than that, because to be part of it a breeder has first to demonstrate top-notch quality of their product.

What makes us different from most cannabis breeders is dividing the collection into thematic blocks. In other words, every strain that we produce is tagged as an additional inspiration source for certain activities!